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Minor allergic problems like hay fever do not need any treatment. Some allergies can be controlled by taking over the counter medicines.  But at times allergies can start interfering with daily life, or affect the quality of life. In rare cases it can also become life threatening. In such a situation every patient will want for an allergy doctor near me.

What is allergy?

Human body has built-in defenders to harmful invaders like bacteria or viruses. Sometimes this defense mechanism becomes very aggressive and starts mistakenly considering harmless substances like dust, pollen, mold etc as harmful. The immune system starts rallying its defense by producing certain chemicals capable of attacking and destroying the harmful substances suspected. This response is experienced as allergy which can at times become seriously annoying and life threatening.

Allergy triggers

A substance which can cause allergic reactions in a person is known as allergens. The most common allergens identified by an allergy doctor are detailed below.

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Mold
  • Cockroaches
  • Pets
  • Foods
  • Insect stings,
  • Feathers
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Medicines

Risk factors

Allergies can affect any person regardless of age, race, gender, socioeconomic factors etc. Though asthma and allergies are common in children, its first appearance can occur at any age. There are some allergies that start appearing in the childhood days. Some of them vanish for several years and again re appears during adult life.

When to meet an allergist?

Symptoms of allergies develop slowly. The persons suffering from allergy symptoms like sneezing, nasal congestion etc. may get used to it.  An allergist can help you to come out  of the problems related to allergy symptoms. There is no meaning in avoiding treatment in the initial days and desperately hoping for the best allergist Manassas va in the later days. Meet an allergist in the following situation.

  1. If allergy symptoms like chronic sinus infections, nasal congestions etc are felt.
  2. If hay fever or allergy symptoms are experienced by you for several months in a year.
  3. Over the counter medications and anti histamines are not found to be of any use or produce heavy drowsiness.
  4. Your allergies are interfering with your day-to-day life and the quality of life is decreased.
  5. If you are frequently experience short of breath.
  6. You have been diagnosed with asthma and even after taking medications no improvement is noticed.


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