How To Prevent A Clogged Commercial Kitchen Drain

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A clogged drain seems to come up at the most unexpected of times and especially when you are in the middle of something. Clogged drain is a headache and a huge one if it pops up in a commercial kitchen drain. You would need to halt your restaurants activities and call in a commercial drain cleaning service.

A commercial kitchen is that of a restaurant where nonstop cooking is done for a huge number of people. Hence the kitchen sink is being used continuously washing and prepping. The chances of getting a clogged drain in a commercial kitchen are all more than of a home kitchen. But, there are many ways through which you can prevent a clogged commercial kitchen drain.

Food Debris And Waste Should Never Go In Drains

Many people throw small food peels and food waste in the drains, even though it easily passes through the drain it can get stuck in the pipes and eventually cause clogs. Even after grinding they should not be thrown in the drain as they can still get stuck as blobs. This includes all sorts of food waste, even egg peels. These should be thrown in compost bins and used as natural fertilizers.

Scrape It Off

Make sure all the employees scrape off the plates of all the food waste. There is a lot of residue and food leftover on the plates which you think will not cause up clogs in the drain pipes but the residue eventually causes build up in the pipes. If the plates are scraped clean then there is no chance of any residue or build-up.

Oils, Grease And Fats

The number one mistake done in any sort of kitchen and especially commercial kitchen is to throw oils, fats and grease down the drain. These oils and fats are a necessary part of cooking and thinking that they are liquids and will easily travel down the pipes, you chuck them in. What you do not realize is that these oils and fats tend to solidify when cooled and thus get stuck in the drain pipes.

Fix A Commercial Sieve In The Sink

A sieve will help to catch all the gunk and debris that goes in the sink and in the end you can just discard all the gunk in the trash. This will prevent buildup of clogs.

Use Hot Water And Vinegar And Baking Soda Solution

Just pour boiling hot water at the end of the day to release all the clogs and debris stuck in the drains. Hot water will help to loosen and unclog.

You can also use the vinegar and baking soda solution at the end of the day. This hack is the best cleaner and causes unclogging. Just pour a kettle of boiling water, then pour half cup of baking soda in the drain and let it rest for half an hour. Mix vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio and pour on top of baking soda. This reacts and causes unclogging of even the most stubborn clogs. After an hour pour another kettle of boiling water.

Use Commercial Bacteria

Make bacteria your best friend with commercial sinks. Food grade bacteria is available which breaks down all sorts of food debris and clogs, even hair. It is specifically used for designs for organic food so it will not harm your sink or drainage system.

Clean Your External Pipes Regularly

One more thing is to clean your exterior pipes on a regular basis. These pipes can be easily removed and then screwed back again. These are curved pipes. You can indicate them and clean them by removing all the gunk and food debris stuck inside. You can also put hands and clean the pipes in the walls. After thoroughly cleaning, wash the pipes thoroughly with hot water and detergent to remove all traces of any debris and then fix it back again properly.

Commercial kitchen drains require regular maintenance and care. Make sure you do not throw anything that would get stuck in the pipes or cause blockage and lead to difficulties in your drain pipes and sink. Keep certain drain cleaning companies in contact for immediate response in an event of a clogged drain.


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