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People consider spring season as a season for merry making and enjoyment. But for some people it turns out to be just the opposite. This happens because of the spring allergy in them. In fact, people with spring allergy want to take part in all these activities without sniffing itching etc.

Spring season is also the season of pollen. Grasses spring up everywhere.  Weeds and pollen are the agents of spring allergy and there is nothing wrong if such an allergy patient thinks about keeping an allergist near me.

Taking special care and following the tips given below, one can keep allergy doctor away.

  • Study about allergens
  • Keep away from allergens and such circumstances
  • Meet an allergist and take over the counter-remedies prescribed by him.
  • Undergo immunotherapy or allergy shots

Why do you sneeze?

 Pollen is released by weeds, grasses and trees. The pollen grains are intended to travel by air and let them sowed in sand. It has been found that wind can take pollen to 100 miles away from the source. So during spring time when pollen and wind are aplenty there is every possibility for your life to become miserable as a result of spring allergy if you are a patient of it.

Spring allergy symptoms

The main symptoms of spring allergy are furnished below.

  • Runny nose.
  • Watery eyes.
  • Dark circles under the eyes.
  • Itchy eyes and nose.


Reducing pollen exposure

The first step to protect a person from spring allergy is to make him avoid contact with allergens. It is advisable to stay inside closed rooms during 10 am to 5 pm as pollen counts are higher during this time. Fitting an air cleaner designed for the purpose of removing the pollen on your furnace, air-conditioner etc will help you to reduce your contact with them. Schedule your workout or errands to take place late in the evening.  Allow pets inside the house only after wiping them completely so that no pollen is brought in by them. Remove your shoes outside and keep your cloth dryer inside your house.

Treatment for spring allergy

If avoiding allergens is not reducing your spring allergy problems, it is better to consult an allergy doctor and undergo treatment as per his suggestion. Decongestants for throat, nose, eyes etc which reduces the allergy symptoms are available as over the counter medicines. Your allergy doctor will prescribe the suitable medications after taking into account factors like blood pressure, thyroid problems, heart problems etc. If these over the counter medications prove to be ineffective your doctor will be able to prescribe other medications suitable to overcome the problems faced by you as a result of allergy symptoms.

 Allergy testing

If you are unaware of the material that causes for your allergy, your allergy doctor may ask you to undergo allergy testing. For spring allergy skin test and blood test are the most common methods used to find out the allergens. Skin testing is more accurate than blood testing. In this test your allergy doctor md inserts some allergens under your skin. Redness and bump appears, within minutes. In blood test antibodies to the pollen are detected. An allergy doctor goes for blood test only in the case of patients who do not tolerate skin testing.



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