How To Perform A Pre-Operation Inspection Of A Forklift

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Forklifts are a common sight in many industries. These are compact machines designed to lift and shift heavy weights, cargo, etc. Typically, forklifts are mostly seen at warehouses as well where these machines play an important role in supply chain processes and daily operations. You can rent from small crane rentals as they are available with every company. Forklifts need to be in the perfect running condition to work throughout the day. So, let’s take a look into how you can perform a pre-operation inspection of a forklift.

The Importance Of Crane Inspections

When it comes to safety and security of forklifts, inspection plays an important role. There have been many incidents in the past where forklifts and other cranes have crashed simply because the concerned individuals ignored performing a pre-operation inspection.

Machines like forklifts are designed to lift and shift weights round the clock. This means they will experience wear and tear on a daily basis. Now, a machine such as a forklift might seem harmless from the outside but they can cause accidents that are not only expensive but also hurt people on the ground.

Therefore, some states have strict regulations pertaining to the inspection and maintenance of forklifts. However, these procedures are hardly properly recorded or maintained. If the concerned authorities fail to report the important findings, they could face heavy fines or even jail time in the worst-case scenario.

How To Perform A Thorough Walk-Around Inspection?

According to most rules & regulations, it is the responsibility of the driver or the operator to perform a complete thorough walk-around inspection of the mobile crane before using it. The reason is that if there are any issues with the crane, they are identified beforehand and fixed.

An operator is supposed to walk around the machine and inspect it for cracks, leaks, or damages. Forklifts comprise several different parts that work together to lift heavy weights. Therefore, it is common for these machines to have leakages and other problems. At the same time, the machine should also be checked for any electrical faults as they could lead to shortages.

How To Perform A Seated Inspection?

The seated inspection is the next thing that follows after a walking inspection. As the term suggests, a seated inspection involves performing an inspection while being seated. This means that you will need to check the seat belts and other equipment such as the horn, lift, and forks to make sure they are working properly.

Next, you need to make sure the hydraulics of the forklift is working perfectly too. The brakes, steering, and parking brake should be in perfect working condition. If you spot even a slight issue, you should stop the job and fix it. It would be better if you take it to the workshop and ask the mechanic to fix the issue.

Are Forklift Inspections Necessary?

The reason inspections are necessary is not due to the cranes or machines that are being used but the extent of the damage they can cause. As mentioned previously, there have been many incidents in the past where people had lost their lives simply because someone ignored inspecting the machine, causing extreme damage and loss of lives on the ground. Therefore, even the slightest of cracks or damage might threaten the safety and security of the surroundings when the weight is being lifted.

In fact, some countries have regulatory authorities that keep a check on such machines and the protocols. In addition to the operator performing an inspection, the authorities also pay a visit to personally inspect the machines. If they come across some findings, the license of the operator or the machine itself can be impounded.

That said, if you own a forklift, it is primarily your responsibility to train your employees and daily operators to perform a thorough inspection of the machine. If this factor is ignored, any serious accident, as a result, could make you face the consequences. And any business involved with the law could face a severe dent in terms of revenue and reputation.

Final Word

Performing a pre-operation inspection of a forklift is not that complicated. You simply need to follow a checklist and make sure everything is in perfect working condition. If you find the process overwhelming, make sure that you get it checked by a professional to avoid accidents and rent forklifts from crane services DC that maintain their cranes.


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