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A tile setters profile is something we have never looked into. One may feel that their work is easy and they do not have to go through all the things people who work in actual big industries have to go through, but such is a misconception. Even though a tile setter need not be very qualified, they need to be skilled and for that kind of skill they have to go through a lot of processes before they can actually become  tile setters and join a big organization and start their work as a tile installer.

Ways of becoming good tile setters :

The first step to becoming a tile setter is to seek apprenticeship. Being an apprentice will get one the amount of experience and skill that one needs for he will be working under a senior in the same field who will be able to teach him the ropes via practical lessons. As an apprentice one may be able to visit work sites and actually be in a work atmosphere and see how the job is done, how tiles are set and how surface is prepared etc. It is like being an intern before you actually get the work.

Next one needs to built good communication skills. One must remember that his job as a tile setter will more often than not be in the households and residences. He needs to be able to communicate his ideas to the customers and also understand the customer’s vision so as to satisfy their expectations. That is the most important thing which a tile setter needs to keep in mind because it is the customers who will rate him and give him the reputation which will eventually get him more work.

The third step to becoming a tile setter is earning professional certification. Although this one is not mandatory but it will only brighten up one’s CV. Getting certification for tile setters is like getting a graduation degree, where they go under a certain program which last for a certain amount of time, usually two years, and after they have proven that they do carry all the skills to becoming a good tile setter they are allowed the certificate. This certificate in turn leads to the last point of becoming a tile setter which is probably the end result of all the above,

Getting hired by a professional company and working under a tile contractor. This is when the person has become truly professional and can do residential work as well as he can do commercial work. This is where he will gain his reputation as a tiler and as his works gets more known he will get more and more contracts. This is when all the hard work he has put in all this while will bear fruit and he will be finally known as a tile setter.

Thus the steps to becoming good tile setters are anything but easy, but with the right amount of determination, very achievable.


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