What you need to know about depression

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Many people who have succumbed to depression life is living a miserable life. For such people life is an uphill task due to enormous limitations experienced by them in leading a normal life. According to a study published by institute of mental health, depression is usually found in patients of chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc. Medical science say that this type of depression can be brought under control and the patients can be allowed to lead a normal life provided their life can be tackled with proper medication and counselling.

Strategies to deal with depression

There are certain self help strategies followed by physicians and psychiatrists in fighting depression of such candidates.  They are discussed below.

  1. Staying hopeful: A person who is fighting chronic illness has to stay strong and hopeful always.  Even in the worst situation, one should not lose hope. Always try to face anger, denial,   grief etc that may occur on certain occasions. Stay always hopeful and believe firmly that yet there is some method to improve the life of the depressed person.
  2. Keep engaged: When a person is busy, negative thoughts are not getting a chance to come into the mind. On the other hand any attempt to keep the patient isolated can only worsen the situation and increase the level of depression.
  3. Maintain healthy diet: Nutrition can play an important role in combating mental as well as physical illness. Good health not only instils courage, confidence and self esteem it also improves the health prompting positivity in the person.
  4. Be positive always: Keeping a positive attitude is an unavoidable necessity for any person who is subjected to mental as well as physical illness. But it is not an easy thing for a person suffering from deadly disease to put a happy face. However practising some self help techniques can improve the attitude and self esteem of any person. Yoda, meditation, breathing exercises etc are very suitable for maintaining a positive attitude.
  5. Set realistic goals: Some depressed patients set very high goals and plans to work hard and attain it anyhow. This is not possible at least in the case of a depressed person. So it is better to avoid hoping for the unnatural things to happen in life. Be practical and realistic. Set goals which are achievable to a person of your talent and abilities. This will not disappoint you. On the other hand, it will increase your expectation level and instil in  you some confidence if the goal is achieved.


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