Some Everyday Dental Hygiene Tips

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When it comes to dental care, brushing your teeth 3 times a day, every day is not enough to ensure that your teeth and mouth are germfree. Even if you maintain an oral care routine, it will still leave you with a few extra moments grinding with your teeth in the bathroom. Especially when you see a plaque buildup around areas that are really hard to reach by your toothbrush. That is why your family dentist recommends you to make it a habit to visit them with the whole family in order to be guided on the proper oral hygiene.

What should you watch out for?

Brushing is easy, especially if you do it by heart like every single day. But the bacteria in your mouth will still be there that will soon evolve into cavities and gingivitis that is the major cause of gum problems and diseases.

Now, what is Plaque? It is a multilayer of bacteria that grow in between your teeth and in areas you and your toothbrush could not reach. Plaque builds through everyday food that you consume. Sweets are one of the best motivators of plaque together with starchy products like cereals, crackers, and bread. A plaque will soon irritate your gums causing it to bleed and become extra sensitive. The longer the plaque stays on your teeth, the bigger chances it can completely destroy your teeth where it needs to be extracted.

Start with the right technique

Doing a quick brushing is not enough to get rid of all the food residue that still sticks in your teeth. Instead, make it a habit to get used to the 45-degree brushing angle starting with your gums. Followed by back and forth strokes through the sides of your teeth and on the top of it. Then do some strokes on the back of your teeth where those irritating plaques love to stay.

The next oral care tip is to always remember that the recommended length of brushing is two minutes. This is something that everyone should be applying and taken seriously. It is very understandable that one cannot last for two minutes in brushing. But you can achieve it by listening to a music or a two minute YouTube video while brushing your teeth. This idea will surely be very effective.

When it comes to your toothbrush, you will definitely be confused on what to pick with all the cute and trendy toothbrush styles there is in the market. But the best toothbrush should actually be the one with a smaller head and shorter bristles that will be more efficient in reaching spaces in between your molars and corners.

Never take flossing for granted. Flossing should be done as much as brushing is. This will take care of the extra leftovers that wanted to hang out in between your teeth. Create a ‘C’ form every time you floss your teeth with a back and forth direction to make sure that the bacteria will be removed.

Another partner is the mouthwash. If you are not a mouthwash fan, you should motivate yourself to be one. Treat this like the special water that washes off the soap on your car during your car wash sessions. Mouthwash will wash off all the residue that is left after brushing and flossing.

Religiously get a new set of brush every 3 or four months. Don’t settle with that favorite brush of yours just because you think the bristles are still tough. Think again. Toothbrushes that is being used more than three months will no longer be able to perform its duty well because it has already been worn off.

Embrace Change

Let go of your midnight snack. If you have already brushed your teeth, avoid eating or snacking after. Otherwise, you will have to brush again before traveling to Slumberland. Hence, if you set aside brushing and decided to just go straight to bed, those leftover enzymes will be given the chance to roam around your mouth and do what they’re good at overnight – to create bacteria and start attacking your teeth while you sleep.

Oral or dental care should be part of your daily routine. It is something that your entire family should be accustomed too, especially if you have kids. Even the children’s dentist or your most trusted family dentists will advise you of the above tips. Because remember that the best accessory that any human being could have is nothing but their SMILE. So, if you wanted your whole family to have that best smile every waking moment of their lives start from caring and doing what’s best for your teeth.



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