What Are The Types Of Hair Transplant Procedures

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There are many medical procedures of getting one’s hair back.  Micro Grafting transplant is the most beneficial procedure. It is an effective tool in restoring a youthful look.

Hair transplant surgery

Hair transplant surgery is the most common way to get rid of baldness. Micro Grafting transplant can also help you get rid of your problem of baldness. The different procedures of hair transplantation that are available are:

  1. Flaps

Flaps are a better hair transplant process than other types of hair transplant procedures as they faster cover a lot of area on the scalp. In this procedure, surgeons surgically remove the bald area of the scalp. It follows the process of stretching and tethering of healthy hair. There may be more scarring with flaps than with grafts but healthy hair cover the most part of the bald scalp. Therefore, there is a good chance that hair will cover the apparent scarring.

  1. Graft

Plastic surgeons start hair transplant after injecting the recipient local anesthesia. In the graft procedure surgeons remove a portion of the scalp and insert thousands of hair strands into the section of the scalp. Throughout the session, surgeons keep the strands healthy through periodic saline injections. When the transplant is over, surgeons surgically attach the portion of the scalp that has healthy hair and give it time to heal by itself. Numerous sessions of this medical process may be required for the scalp to heal entirely. FUT and FUE are progressed forms of Micro Grafting transplant.

  1. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

The strip method or FUT is the most commonly performed method of hair transplant. In this method, surgeon cuts the hair at the back of scalp. He removes that section of scalp surgically. He then stitches up the wound created by slit. Then he divides the excised portion of the scalp and places under many microscopes.

Here, technicians separate grafts into units of one to four hair by using sharp blades. Meanwhile the surgeon creates hairline and recipient sites using a specific blade. He then places the grafts into the sites with the help of forceps. In order to give a natural hairline, the surgeon places the grafts with a single hair in front. He places the rest behind to give the recipient area density.

  1. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE hair transplant is a very harmless, less invasive and minor procedure. There is no need to remove a piece of scalp with the FUE method. The reason is that the surgeon removes follicles directly from the donor area using forceps and a small 1 mm punch. In order to make a small circular incision in the skin around the follicular unit, the surgeon manually rotates the punch. He then removes it directly from scalp using forceps. When he removes the appropriate number of units, technicians separate the grafts into units of one to four hairs. The surgeon then implant these grafts much in the same way as the “strip” method. With the FUE method there is petite bleeding and less hitches than with the “strip” method.

Benefits Of FUE

There is little discomfort and complications and quick recovery in this method. No scalpel slit, no linear scar and fewer activity limitations. Its results are more natural looking than outmoded strip methods. However, a majority of hair restoration doctors do not offer FUE procedure because this method has some vexations associated with it. The most advanced method of hair transplantation NeoGraft Automated FUE system has eliminated the difficulties and hitches attached with a manual FUE procedure. An FUE with NeoGraft hair transplants take the same amount of time as an outmoded strip hair transplant. It also reduces the cost of a long manual FUE transplant.

  1. Tissue Expansion

In Tissue Expansion, the surgeon places a balloon like tissue expander under the scalp area that is growing hair. In a few weeks, the tissue expander is full of salt water that enables the tissue to stretch and expand.

Boost your personality and get rid of baldness with NeoGraft hair transplants that is a very effective and safe way of getting rid of hair loss. You can also grab a gorgeous, natural look through Micro Grafting surgery.



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